#Stayhome Wedding Planning

by Danielle | May 2020

Wedding planning does NOT stop just because we’re in LOCK DOWN.

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Wedding planning does NOT stop just because we’re in LOCK DOWN. If anything, now is a really good time to be planning, for both newly engaged couples and couples who’ve had to postpone their wedding.


This is a nice opportunity to fine tune anything on your to-do list which you’ve been thinking about and reach out to suppliers to touch base.


Use this bundle of time, in your comfy home to enjoy your lock down nibbles and plan on through the quarantine and use these handy tips to help you along the way.


Hashtag wedding planning on through the Time of Corona virus.

Pinterest Mood Boards

This applies to all stages of the wedding planning process, it’s a great way of collecting ideas to help you make a decision on what to go for on your wedding day. It helps with the colour scheme and theme of the event. I like Pinterest for creating mood boards, cos you can make multiple! It works so well for all parts of the wedding, for example you can have one board for your bridal wear, then one board for cake and another one for flowers and you can swap and change ideas within them. Remember to include colours you like; it will create a visual image of what to expect for your main event. Give it ago and have fun planning ๐Ÿ˜Š


Scrap Booking

Not just for milestone birthdays or photos, but also for wedding planning, here you can collect ideas and stick them in a book – why not?! Fancy creating a pool of ideas in a crafty kinda way? You can order empty scrapbooks from many online retailers, I like Paperchase, they have a nice collection of different sized scrapbooks, bound or ringed. I like the idea of cut offs from chair covers/ties, dress imitation materials from haberdasheries. Sections for suppliers and to-do lists, special dates and times scheduled for appointments with dressmakers / cake makers/ ring makers – the list is endless. Remember to order a side order of washi tape.

Bookmark suppliers

You have all the time in the world right now to be trawling through the internet looking for local suppliers to help with your event. Go through wedding planning categories and assign suppliers to the categories. For example, photos and/or video, list at least two photographers/videographers and bookmark them, schedule a time when you feel is right to contact them (check out the ultimate wedding checklist to help you).


Draft Guest List

This is a good time to draft up your guest list. For newly engaged couples, this is can be quite a task and its one of the most important roles in planning. Remember to only invite people that make you smile and don’t feel pressured into inviting people who may make you feel unhappy, remember this is your day and you are investing in their time to be there. Postponed wedding couples, this is also important for you as well to be revising your guest lists, touch base with guests and see how they feel about attending your new date, these are challenging times and nobody expected a pandemic this time last year. If you are planning a virtual wedding ceremony, guest lists can be endless, as it is free for guests to attend a virtual ceremony.

Bridal Party – Catch up

Yes hunni! That’s right catch up with your bride tribe, virtual catch ups are the thing right now and are a fun and amazing way to unwind and see your lovelies. Another cute gesture to show you care for them, there are actually some lovely DIY gift ideas, like hair clips, bath salts and chocolate, of course by adhering to the social distancing rules you can give these to them and do a drop and wave then catch up with them online afterwards. Another great idea to catch-up which I love is that Netflix have launched a ‘Netflix Party’ where you can watch films together. Or you could host a gin and quiz night, fancy dress, there’s so many ideas!

Send out Change – the - Dates

If you have had to postpone your wedding due to the corona virus, check with your venue and suppliers to see which date works for you all. Once you have had confirmation from both parties, let you guests know. No need to spend too much on these, a lot of couples are making their own, I like the idea of postcard style ‘change the dates’.

Build your wedding playlist

No time like the present to plan and organise OR to start your wedding playlist. A lot of couples like to have music as a personal element added to their wedding day. Spotify is great for sorting out a playlist or few, and you don’t need to do it one session, but you could have something that works up over time. You can create multiple playlists and that works perfectly if you have one list for what you both want and a list for guest requests.

Revisit/Make a honeymoon list

If you’ve had to postpone due to the current climate, you may need to revise your honeymoon booking. Check availability and see if you can rebook for your new date.

Newly engaged couples try out making a list of places you would like to go together after tying the knot. Will it be a staycation? Or a vacation?

I hope you find these tips will come in useful and keep you productive and positive throughout the quarantine. Wishing you all the best, #stayhome #staysafe.

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