Ultimate Wedding Checklist

by Danielle | Feb 2020 | Planning & Ideas

Planning a wedding can be exciting yet stressful! Here I’ve come up with an easy to follow guide on how to plan an amazing wedding, whether it’s 2 years prior or even 4 months to you tying the knot. 

Its designed to help you plan your time running up to the big day itself from the moment you set that special date! This helpful guide is full of tips on budgeting, venue styling, dress fittings and much more. Starting from 12 months, 6 months, 3 month  to  1 month & Wedding Day!

12 + Month to go...

  • Write a guest list - Invite the people that make you happy and radiate positivity, loved ones or friends. These people should always take priority on your guest list. Always remember this is one of the most special days of your life, always think, happy thoughts.

  • Decide on a budget - Now budgets can be small, and budgets can also be big, this all depends on what you can afford. 

  • Find Venues & Provisionally book them - This can be so fun, there are plenty of different venues that can make wedding dreams come true, however, it’s also important to provisionally book your most liked ones and to see what dates are available to which suites you both. It’s always a good idea to provisionally book because importantly enough, you will need to check availability with your celebrant / druid / church to find a date that suits.

  • Check availability to be married - Decide between you and your lover how you want to get hitched; are you thinking of a civil partnership? Civil Ceremony? Hand Fasting? Registry office? or church? Once you’ve decided it is important to check with the people who will be marrying you on what dates they have available. Once you know, make a note of the date and confirm which venue you want to go with.

  • Confirm venue and book - Contact the venue of your dreams and book your wedding.

  • Register Intention of Marriage - By law, you will need to give notice, you will need to sign a legal document at your local register office to state you intend to get married or form a civil partnership. You must give notice at least 29 days before your ceremony. Fees for giving notice are usually £35 per person.

  • Pop the question to your wedding tribe - Now its time to ask for bridesmaids and groomsmen! Arrange to meet with your wedding tribe and pop the question. It’s always nice to meet face to face and it makes the process personal and special, they will be over-joyed!

  • Consider Insurance - It’s always a great idea to make sure that you insure your wedding. This type of insurance will protect you from any losses that might occur like extreme weather or problems with the venue or suppliers.

  • Wedding theme - Your wedding theme is a perfect chance to bring your own flare and style into your big day. Planning on a theme will help you choose your décor and also your menu.

  • Venue Styling - Once you’ve decided on a theme, make a list of venue stylists and contact them, meet them and discuss what you want. If they can deliver, book them.

The most powerful magic of all, is true love.

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  • Find a Photographer and or videographer - The perfect way to capture those wonderful memories of your wedding day is to have amazing photos and real footage which you can look back on for years to come.

  • Music - Gather some inspiration and think about your wedding style. This will help you decide whether it will be an orchestral band, rock, indie or pop style band. Think about your ceremony entrance song to your exit song. Last but not least, think about your first dance, all eyes will be on you both again.

  • Catering - Now when you’ve confirmed your venue, you will most probably find out whether catering is included in your package or not.  Some venues are just allocated for space, without catering. This is all just depends on where you confirm to get wed.

  • Send out Save the dates - Now that things are taking shape with the whole planning process, this is a good time to send out save the dates. Send them out to everyone on your guest list.

  • Find a cake-maker - Finding a cake-maker can be quite a challenge, a tasty, tasty challenge, especially because they are so many amazing ones! Go to wedding fairs, make contacts, and then pick your favourites, you may want to try and schedule in some cake flavour testing too. Choosing the cake design should be left until at least a few months before your wedding, just because of your theme and style.

  • Find a florist - A huge help is to set a budget aside for your wedding flowers. Once this has been done, it can help you shape the style of flowers and number of flowers that you want. Another thing to consider, is to check on the venue space for each part where you want your flowers too. Find some inspo, Pinterest, Instagram are great platforms for this. Tip – do your research, go to wedding fairs, meet florists, search their social media and portfolios to get a grasp of what to expect.

  • Start planning your dress - First important thing to do is to set aside a budget just for your dress. Some important things to factor into your budget is alterations, veil, accessories, any under garments needed. This will help your experience go swimmingly. Do an internet search for wedding dress shops you would like to visit, and set some dates aside in your diary to go try some on and get a good feel for what you actually want. By having a budget, it will come in handy when you go along to the bridal boutiques, let the sales assistant know how much you are willing to spend and they'll be able to give you some good key pointers.

  • Go Wedding dress shopping - Now that you have a plan, get your bride tribe together, go and have fun trying on dresses and enjoy a glass of fizz together.

6 months to go...

  • Book Hair & Make-up - Have a look around for Hair and Make-up, get some quotes, I suggest getting around 5 different quotes, let your bride tribe know and see who wants in. Schedule timings and contact hairdressers and make-up artists to glam you all for your big day.

  • Order Stationery - Decide if it will be a DIY jobby or if you would like to have them done for you. If you decide to go for DIY, it’s a good idea to start this ASAP as it can be very time consuming.

  • Bridesmaid dress shopping - Secondly important dresses are the bridesmaid dresses, dresses for bridesmaids are another way to tie in with your wedding theme too. Ensure they feel comfortable in their dresses and buy them.

  • Wedding Shoe Shopping - Another fun part! Shoe shopping 😊 go shoe shopping for your big day, ensure comfort though.

  • Organise Bridal Suite - Plan on where you and the bride tribe will be getting ready for the wedding. Ensure its available and book, best to be as nearby to the venue as possible. Remember to make sure there is plenty of space and natural light.

  • Meet with your Florist - Meet with your florist and finalise the style of flowers which you are going for. Any additions needed, this is the perfect time to let them know so it can be all included and ready for the wedding.

  • Wedding Accessory shopping - Go shopping for veils, head dresses, bow ties etc.

  • Ceremony Layout - Seating arrangements, bridesmaid’s area, groomsmen area this will all be factored in on the layout. Who will be giving you away who will be walking into the ceremony with you.

  • Make a list of hotels - Make a list of places to stay after you have tied the knot with your beloved. Then decide between you, where you would like to spend the first night as a married couple. Then book the room.

  • Transport- Think how you will be arriving at your venue, how will your loved one arrive at the venue and your guests.

  • Think about your wedding blog - A brilliant way of personalising your wedding is by having a blog or website.

  • Send out Invitations - Send your invitations to your guests, this is the best time to send them now everything’s just about in place. Include information for your guests on overnight accommodation, transport, parking and any dress code if appropriate. Also ask if there is any dietary requirements.

3 months to go...

  • Book the moon - Honeymoon or mini moon, its always a beautiful way to celebrate the first days of marriage away.

  • Wedding rings - Find a jeweller and try on some rings, once you’ve found the precious, buy them.

  • Personal Touches – DIY / Craft items - If you are adding any personal touches to your wedding, now is the time to do them. Any personal favours or messages spend some time together and do them between you.

  • Grooms wear - This is the best time to go and get fittings and buy suites for the wedding.

  • Order Wedding Cake - Now that a theme is set in place, it’s the best time to order your wedding cake. Confirm flavours, fillings style etc.

  • Finalise Menu and tasting - Contact your caterers and plan a menu tasting session so you can finalise the menu.

  • Wedding Day Itinerary - Make a timescale for the day, from start to finish, include arrival, ceremony start, and ceremony finish, photos, wedding breakfast, speeches, reception first dance, everything.

  • Chase RSVP’s - Any RSVP’s not received by now, best start chasing them.

1 month to go...

  • Wedding Dress Fitting - Go for a dress fitting, best to see what needs altering.

  • Wedding tribe gifts - Make a list of who you want to give gifts to and buy them so they are ready in time.

  • Stag & Hen - Go and party!

  • Ceremony Brief Meeting - Gather the wedding tribe and allocate duties to everyone and go through the times of everything.

  • Pay your suppliers - Best to pay suppliers at this stage.

  • Confirm the order of the day - If anything needs adding in, or anything needs switching, now is the time to do it and then brief out to the group.

  • Finalise seating plan - Again, if anything needs adding or switching, do it now before the seating plan is made official.

  • Final Pamper appointments - Go get your nails done, hair colour and trim, tanning, lashes, brows.

  • Touch base with your photographer - Catch up with your photographer and discuss timings and locations for photos.

  • Final dress fitting - Go for your final dress fit and feel gorgeous.

  • Perfume shopping - Who doesn’t love to smell lush? Especially on your wedding day!

  • Surprise gifts for your loved one - Fancy receiving a romantic surprise from you lover? Go shopping and surprise them with something unexpected but lovely on your big day.

  • Bridal survival kit - This is good task to allocate to your bridesmaids.

  • Collect your wedding dress - Collect your dress, hang it up and leave it in its glory until you are ready to wear it.

  • Brief with the wedding tribe of their roles for the big day.

Wedding Day

  • Have a healthy breakfast - this will set you up for the rest of your day and will also calm your nerves!

  • Relax - have some you time, embrace the moment and live in the now.

  • Enjoy - most of all enjoy your special day and make memories.

I hope that you find something useful from this checklist, I’ve added in anything I can possibly think of to help with your entire timeline.

Take care and happy planning!



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