Pro Bridal Hair Prep Tips by Hair Design by Danielle

by Danielle | April 2020 | Planning & Ideas

Did you know hair & make-up is 90% of your photograph? Here are some useful tips for your wedding hair by Danielle @ Hair Design by Danielle.

You’ve set one of the most important dates in your lives and now all plans are down on your wedding to-do list. Hair is one of the biggest priorities for brides, so here are a good handful of useful tips to consider when planning your wedding hair.

  • Gather a collection of hair styles of what you like the look of, make an inspiration wall, make a pin board on Pinterest, this is a great way to get a feel of inspiration OR make a scrap book, just somewhere to log all of your visual ideas.

  • Think about your wedding theme and see if the hair styles you like will tie in with your theme. For example, if you are having a spring wedding with a pop of colourful flowers, you could have some fresh flowers pinned in your hair OR if you’re going for a relaxed boho vibe, then you might fancy your hair down, with accessories.

  • Will you be having a veil? Or a flower crown? Or jewels and a veil? Not sure? Think about the shape of your dress, the style of your dress, the material it’s made from. If you’re going for a low-cut back dress, you may think about going for a low/down hair style, or if your dress as a higher back, you’d have your hair more up to how off the detailing in your gown. These ideas will be a great addition to your inspiration wall and will help you with decision making for your overall look.

  • Head back over to your inspiration wall, add all of your favourites together, I would suggest breaking it down to three styles max, one up, one down and one half up and half down.

  • Consider the size of your bride tribe and ceremony time, this will help you decide whether you want a separate hair stylist from a make-up artist. Understand that if you have a party of five plus, you may want to consider having a hair stylist to purely do hair, just because timings are so important. Usually hair takes up to an hour, make up takes up to an hour, so that’s two hours per person you will need to rule out. So, size of the party and timings are so important to know before booking the stylist.

  • Research hair stylists, research their work, look at their portfolios. If they are exhibiting at a wedding fair nearby, go meet them and see if you like them and what they do. Gather prices, I’d suggest gathering two to three quotes and send price lists to the rest of your party.

  • When everyone as decided and come to an agreement, book in for a trial or two, this is a great way for you and your stylist to meet and get a good understanding of what you want for your big day. Ideally, I suggest booking a trial from six months before and at least two months before your wedding.

  • Trials are an amazing time to try out a few different styles, you will get a good feel for how your hair will be on your wedding day! You’ll see what products work best for you and tools too. Bring your accessories to your trial so you can have them tried in with a selection of styles, sometimes it’s a good idea to have mock-up accessories for this part.

  • Hair colour, if you have your hair coloured, I recommend  clients to have their colour redone at least a two week to one week before their wedding.

  • Shine and conditioning treatments are a good way to ensure your  hair looks perfect on your wedding day, I totally recommend Olaplex as  it’s a hair reformer and leaves hair silky and shiny. I’d suggest having these treatments once per month prior to your wedding. These treatments can also be an additional service to your colour.

  • The night before your wedding hair appointment, depending on what style you decide to have for your bridal hair, your hair stylist  will guide you on when to wash your hair. Sometimes its suggested to be  the night before or even the morning of the wedding. However, your hair  stylist will be able to guide you on this.

I hope you find these tips will come in useful and keep you productive and positive throughout the quarantine. Wishing you all the best, #stayhome #staysafe.

The most powerful magic of all, is true love.

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