Paperless Poetry with Sally R.Wilkes

by Danielle | June 2020 | Planning & Ideas

I just could not wait to share this amazing piece of work with you!

Recently, I had the honour to meet with the incredibly talented Sally R.Wilkes, Published Author, Illustrator and Rhyme Writer. Sally as produced an abundance of wonderful work over that last four years such as children’s books ( to greetings cards to special heartfelt words for weddings at Rhymes to Remember.

Sally as a passion for writing, she honestly believes words can make a difference, they can make people feel loved, supported, encouraged, and valued.

It is wonderful to know that there is so many ways of expressing words, with an ever changing environment, in which we are in, its reassuring to know that there are many other ways than just paper to sprinkle words on to. So, here we have a good few word from Sally herself to share with you.

Hi, I’m Sally from Rhymes to Remember and I write bespoke poems for both individuals and businesses.

A bespoke poem is a beautiful way to add a unique and memorable touch to your wedding day. This could be in the form of wedding vows, a wedding speech, content for your wedding invitations or something meaningful to display on your wedding day. Whether you are looking for something amusing, heart-warming or tear-jerking, I am able to draw on the type of emotions you want your recipient or audience to feel and transform your thoughts, feelings and memories into a bespoke poem written in rhyming verse.

More recently, I have been exploring new ways in which to display poetry aside from on paper and I’ve found that the possibilities really are endless. I have termed them collectively as “Paperless Poetry” and I’m excited to share some of these with you.

The first of these is embroidery. I was approached by Heidi from Extra Special Touch a while ago about the possibility of adding my poems to her handkerchiefs. It then so happened that we ended up taking part in the same styled wedding shoot and so we put that idea into action. Heidi took part of a poem that I had previously written for a bride whose mother sadly couldn’t be there on her wedding day and delicately embroidered it onto a crochet edge hankie.

Something like this would make for an extremely sentimental gift for either the bride or the mother of the bride. The idea of embroidery could be taken much further with poems added to back drops, table runners, wedding dresses and much more.

The next “Paperless Poetry” idea was pyrography, which, in a nutshell, means ‘writing with fire’. For this one, I was lucky enough to work with Cowshed Creations, a small UK based business specialising in bespoke pyrography and handmade wooden gifts and décor. They took one of my bespoke wedding poems based on a couple’s love story and turned it into a series of wooden centrepieces. The idea is that each centrepiece features a section of the love story and provides a name for the table. 

So here, for example, it would be “The First Date” or “The Proposal”. I think both pieces look absolutely. They would be a beautiful and unique addition to any rustic wedding. To see some other examples of wedding décor offered by Cowshed Creations then look at the ‘Weddings’ section of their website.

Last but by far means least, I began to explore the idea of using concrete. Yes, I hear you. Concrete is grey, dull, and ugly. Why would you want to use it for anything other than construction? Well I originally had these exact same thoughts. That was until I met Gemma from Concrete Gems. Her creations are stunning and yes, they are made from concrete! And so, I challenged Gemma to add one of my poems to concrete and this is what she came up with:

The most powerful magic of all, is true love.

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Gemma varnished the concrete then added the words in black vinyl. I feel this is a concept that could be taken forwards for many things. It could be used for table centrepieces, an alternative to place cards or they could even form steppingstones down the aisle for an outdoor wedding. You can even add a colour to the concrete as Gemma has already demonstrated with many of her existing pieces. This concept really excites me because it is just so different!

I have many more concepts to explore including glass, pottery, and henna. Each new concept will be shared on my own blog. If you have any questions about the ideas I’ve shared so far or if you have any suggestions as to other things that I should look into, then I’d love to hear from you.

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