How to celebrate your big day when you’ve had to postpone - Celebrant Penny Boycott

by Danielle | June 2020 | Planning & Ideas

We have had the pleasure to get some amazing insider tips from Penny Boycott to help you celebrate your original wedding date.

Whilst couples are still in the process of postponing their wedding, we have had the honour to get excellent advice from Celebrant Penny Boycott to help you along the way of celebrating your original wedding date. Looking at the positive out of all of this, you can have twice the excitement and even opt for an elopement or virtual ceremony and making a promise to honour your undying love for one another.

How to celebrate your big day when you’ve had to postpone

I advise all my couples to mark the day in some way. Acknowledge the day. And most importantly to try and have fun too.

I’ve had couples having mini photo shoots on their doorsteps, eating their chosen menu from their caterers, dining on fizz and indulging on a sample of their wedding cake.

Take a walk, have a picnic, hold hands. Even write a special message to each other, a commitment of what the day means to you. To read on your new wedding eve or maybe even as part of the big day when you do have it.

I am sending all my couples a piece of ribbon for them to have on their big day. To hold, wear in their hair, attach to their keys, have in their pockets. A symbol of a day meant to be. Then on their new date we will take that same ribbon and attach it to the bouquet or buttonhole, have in their shoes, stitched into the dress. Again, as a reminder that what has been has passed, but it still means something.

One bride wore her veil all day, she walked the dog, cooked a meal, hung out the washing all in her veil.

What’s magical about having your date postponed is this….When you get into bed on the night of your original date, instead of your big day being all over, you actually have it all to look forward too.

What can Celebrants do to help couple celebrate

We can help you make promises to each other, help you write your vows. That way when your big day comes and you’re saying those words, you know you wrote them on your would be wedding date.

You could have a virtual elopement style ceremony with just you and the celebrant, exchange promises to each other, maybe even share your original vows and some Haribo rings!

You can have a virtual big day with all your friends and family there to see you and to be part of a virtual ceremony. Where you can have readings, music, laughter, and fun. You can all dress up in whatever theme you choose and celebrate your love for each other.

We are a super friendly bunch and would be happy to talk you through all your concerns and feelings about what should have been.

Virtual Ceremonies and why couples opt for them

Everything we do now is virtually. We shop, we chat to friends, we work, our whole lives have become online. So why wouldn’t you embrace this novelty and this once in a lifetime opportunity to do things a little different. Couples who don’t want their special day to slip past without some kind of do, are opting to have a virtual ceremony. So what are they? They are ceremonies held on virtual platforms like Facetime, Zoom or Teams, led by a celebrant with whomever you choose to be part of it. The celebrant can set up the ceremony and send links out to couples for them to share with their guests. Couples invite all their guests, wherever they are in the world and we celebrate. From full blown ceremonies with bouquet tossing and ring exchanges. To fun filled ceremonies of music, storytelling and sharing love. The beauty of a celebrant led ceremony is that anything goes!

A Few Words...

Couples should know that celebrants can perform ceremonies in pretty much any location. And can often be way more flexible than Local Authorities Registrars and Ministers. We cover mixed faiths, we often allow animals, alcohol and actually being outdoors! We work closely with each couple to tell their love story. No insert name here scripts, no red tape and certainly no restrictions. So if you want to have your dog as ring bearer, sing a hymn and drink tequila under a tree for example, then you need a celebrant for your big day.

Celebrants can help couples who are unable to secure a booking at a location with the Registrars after postponing. Couples who can no longer use their original venue and are maybe considering alternative locations. As well as couples who actually now they have more time to plan and consider what’s really important, realise they want a personal unique ceremony for them.

The most powerful magic of all, is true love.

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How to celebrate your big day when you’ve had to postpone - Celebrant Penny Boycott

We have had the pleasure to get some amazing insider tips from Penny Boycott to help you celebrate your original wedding date.

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