Finding Calm and Happiness

by Danielle | May 2020 | Planning & Ideas

Make time for yourself, no seriously, you will thank yourself for it. Your mental and physical wellbeing is more important right now. These are challenging times, a situation which as sent a shock wave through humanity.

Here are some tips on how to find yourself a place of calm to help with your physical and mental wellbeing.

Bubbly baths – reach out for that bottle of bubbles, pour it in and run yourself a bath. This is optional but I recommend lavender essential oil, it is so relaxing, and the smell is uplifting too. You don’t have to get lavender, choose a scent you like, its your bath time! Salts are another lovely thing to add too because they are great for muscle relaxation and nice on your skin.

  • Light a candle – turn out the lights and switch off your mobile, laptop, TV and enjoy the light of a candle, I like scented  candles. Get comfy on the sofa or even in the bath and enjoy being away from blue light.

  • Work on a skin care routine – with a nice moisturising cream, or a good face mask, could even add in a mini facial massage whilst you’re at it.

  • Head Massage – O M G who does not like their hair being played with though?

  • Listen to your favourite music – it’s true when they say music soothes your soul.

  • Meditate – find a comfy quiet zone, light some candles and put on some meditation music on your Spotify, close your eyes and take some nice deep breathes, even for if its just for five minutes, it is so good for your inner self. There are guided meditations available and books too.

The most powerful magic of all, is true love.

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  • Drink Water – drinking water helps you in so many ways, great for lowering stress levels, perfect for your skin and bodily functions.

  • Journaling – journal about yourself, bullet journaling can be quite therapeutic, Instagram and Pinterest have so many ideas and can help you.

  • Virtual gatherings all the way – during lock down, and social distancing, virtual gatherings with family and friends are fun and a great way to mingle with missed loved ones. Can host quizzes and girls’ nights and you could even have a virtual movie night!

  • Exercise – Yoga and work outs at home can be so  good for you, it’s a great way to keep fit and it releases endorphins.

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