Hayley & Scott's Super Cool Pugh Festival @ Alcott Farm

Get ready to fall straight in love with the festival vibes and rustic natural backdrop in this festival wedding at @Alcott Weddings nestled in a rural dainty village named Alvechurch. Using pastel and blush colour palette, Hayley and Scott combined fresh and romantic look that allowed natural elements of beautiful surroundings to take the main stage. As an alternative, the couple had their hands tied, out in the field amongst their loved ones. 

Throughout every precious moment they took the full advantage of Oobaloos photography to capture each memorable minute. Hayley and Scott created a cool and splendid wedding that was incredible and remarkable.

The Proposal

After meeting Scott back in the summer of 2011 at V Festival, he knew the timing was right when our favourite band The Courteeners (the band we were watching when we first crossed paths) announced that they were to play their biggest venue to date. It was the evening of the 27th May 2017 and we were at the Emirates Old Trafford with our two best friends Rob and Fran. The band began headlining the gig beneath the stars and the atmosphere was incredible! It was a week after the Manchester bombings and the band were doing everything in their power to show togetherness and spirit to create a night for all the fans to remember!!

Suddenly during our favourite song Take Over the World, Scott dropped to one knee, and it was at this point it felt like time stood still! I was in pure shock I stood there frozen and still, I had no idea it was coming (there had been no signs) we hadn’t spoke about weddings, I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and the idea of been centre of attention was definitely not my thing (however this was about to change). I remember glancing at my best friend who was now crying in shock, a circle of people had crowded round shouting and cheering!  

There was never any doubt........ and once the shock wore off! The words flew out of my mouth and there it was just Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Vision

The vision was quite simple as this is how our fairy tale began. We both wanted to feel that magical warm feeling you get when you look at each other at a festival when the sun is shining and you are just lost in the music with the whole world passing you by.

Most important to us were having our friends and family around us celebrating our big day along with our four-legged fur baby Reggie running around the field. Our passion was to create a day that was fun and laid back where everybody could just relax, dance and run around crazy if they wanted to.

The Planning Process

We both knew we didn’t want the whole long engagement, so straight away we began looking for venues and we soon had the wedding booked for the following the year! At first it was rather daunting as I had this idea in my head, but I didn’t know where to start. So, after visiting the venue and been given recommendations of suppliers it just started to come together from there. Although it can often seem stressful we tried to have fun at the same time from the Food and Wine tasting with family, to inviting friends round for food and drinks so that they can help get involved with the DIY projects.

The Budget

It is so easy to get swept away when it comes to putting together that one special day. So we tried to DIY as much as possible and save the budget for the important factors which were Music, Food and Flowers. Whilst our wedding was not the conventional option, the reality of a tipi wedding in the middle of a field means you can literally make it what you want and for us that was to give everybody that festival experience.

Hair & Beauty

I am not really a girly girl who gets her hair and makeup done so I was so happy to find both Emily from Escape hairdressers and my makeup artist Hayley Evans MUA. They were both so relaxed and put me so at ease. The morning was filled with laughter and happy tears. These girls were a pure dream team, with bacon sandwiches and bubbles they managed to turn us from plain Jayne’s to the ultimate girl squad. My two young nieces were in heaven with their choice of glitter to hair curls and fresh flowers crowns it was what little girl’s dreams are made of. This was such a memorable morning and I would advise every bride to get her hair and makeup done as it makes the morning completely stress free and fun.

Outfits & Accessories

Whilst most brides struggle to find ‘the one’ that ‘perfect dress’ I knew what I wanted. I found the perfect dress by a designer called Justin Alexander. The Dressing Rooms in Halesowen (TDR Bridal) stocked this designer, and you could order designs in. So off I went with my mum, sister and niece and after trying on numerous dresses we came back to the one I knew I wanted all along and it fit like a dream it was literally everything that I wanted!

It was beautiful and yet amazingly comfortable!

My shoes were from Asos Bridal, but I have to say heels on grass are not the most appropriate footwear and as I wanted the ultimate freedom these were soon lost as I chose to run around barefoot for most of the day.

The Venue

We scoured the internet for local wedding venues and we came across Alcott Weddings which offered us the exclusive use of a stunning countryside location in the small village of Alvechurch.

Driving down the lane to the farm in the early evening sun the view was everything we had imagined, and after deciding that this was the place we secured the last Saturday of the summer of 2018 which was to be the 1st September. It was perfect as the farm was located not far from the motorway so with myself been from Sheffield and Scott from Stourbridge we knew the location would be ideal for guests to find.

Our dream was happening. We imagined hay bales and glamping for our guests, flowers, amazing food and the most important ingredient was music as no matter where you are from everybody loves music. We knew from the very start the key to our wedding was to be a constant flow of live music as we really didn't want to have one of those weddings that gets that afternoon lull waiting for the night guests to arrive, we needed to stay true to our love of music and create a great atmosphere for everybody to enjoy.

The Readings

For the ceremony we decided we wanted something different, and this is when we found Justine from Just Celebrations. Rather than readings she created a ceremony which was personal, quirky and most of all entertaining, she told our story from the moment we met (with Scott first telling me he was a dolphin trainer (not a fireman) which brought lots of tears and laughter and set the vibe for that relaxed, fun, romantic day we had envisaged. With Justine’s help we managed to incorporate the visual expression of tying the knot for everyone to see, the simplicity of the ribbon tying, and her words spoken literally made it feel like a fairy tale.

The Music

My entrance song was played by Eli and Alley from Valley Road I wanted something a little upbeat and we settled on Hey Ho! By The Lumineers. Music was the main element of the day as it’s how we first met so we chose to have an acoustic duo to start the day to settle in the guests and relax them into the atmosphere.

Our second artist of the day was Karlo Sax who incorporated our love of Ibiza. After dining he brought to us a ‘Deep House, Ibiza Lounge’ which everyone enjoyed as the sun went down over the field.

For the evening we chose an Indie/Rock festival band called Brohemian these were the absolute floor filler and kept our guests up dancing right up to the very end. They even sang our first dance which had to be Take over the World by the Courteeners (from where this story all began) Too any bride out there you will remember this dance forever so just relax, enjoy and just make it your own.

by Danielle / June 2020 / Real Weddings

The Flowers

We wanted the inside to feel romantic so flowers for the tables were a must and these were all provided from Tuckshop Flowers. Carole was fantastic she literally transformed the venue. We found her at an Inspired Brides open day. She climbed up heights to decorate our chandelier and went out her way to providing extra buckets of flowers for Scott to decorate his DIY tipi ceremony structure. (which he made himself with a little bit of help from the groomsmen).

Photographers and filmmakers play such an important of your day as they provide you with the only thing that is left when the memories fade. Our wedding now feels like a lifetime ago but our photos and video transport us back to the 1st September and let us revive all the happy memories again.

We only had one shot at this so it was important when counting up costs that a photographer was in the budget. After looking on the internet we came across reputable photographers who were either booked, too expensive or wouldn’t shoot for us due to our little four legged furbaby been at the ceremony.

But suddenly we found Sheryl from Oobaloos photography, it was meant to be, not only was her work stunning she was also amazing at shooting her four legged clients, and what more she was available for our day. As a bride I was usually a control freak however when it came to photography I was the opposite. Not a girl usually for the modern day ‘selfie’ the whole photo situation was scary. So with little help (which means none) from myself or Scott, Sheryl had to sort everything for us. Which made our day even more perfect as we went through the day with no hassle (we just wanted to enjoy the party with our guests and not miss out) and she managed to heard a party of a 100 guests and provide us with a gallery which is out of this world and that we will cherish for years to come.

The Photographer


I am a little bit structured and really wanted the girls to wear the same dresses so with different heights and busts to contend with I knew this was going to be harder than first imagined. But having chosen my two best friends and sister I knew we would be able to agree on something eventually.

Over time we settled on a blush pink ISSA dress from House of Fraser. I first saw the brand on Kate Middleton and they were the perfect high street price but with that princess feel, they we light and airy and each girl looked beautiful in her own way wearing them.

The little flower girls my two nieces both wore John Rocha from Debenhams. After watching Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding both had been overly excited at the prospect of finally walking down the aisle and had been counting down the days until the wedding! I lost count the number of times I was asked if they could put their dresses on yet during the morning of the wedding.


When it came to the groom’s outfit where do I start? It was in fact Scott who was the worst in finding his outfit which was still coming together the day before the wedding with numerous shoe and tie choices. His suit was from Heart and Dagger at Asos and his sunglasses from Armani (which he refrained from taking off for almost the entire day) anyone would have thought he was the bride.

When it came down to the groomsmen Scott wanted them to wear navy, because it would suit them all, however with just a month to go he changed his mind and the suits all went back. The choice of the day was a mid-blue suit from Matalan with paisley ties from next. These were in fact the best last minute decision change as they looked great on a sunny day, we did have buttonholes made for all the groomsmen but in typical boy fashion these had been left on a table in the tipi and were located in the photos afterwards.

The best dog, Scott’s sidekick Reggie. All our family and friends realise how crazy we are about Reggie and that we treat him like he is a child. So, it only felt fitting that he was at the wedding and had his very own outfit. We ordered two pairs of trousers in Scott’s suit and out of the spare pair my mum custom made Reggie his own waistcoat and bow tie so that he could walk with me down the Aisle.

The Details & Decor

Due to field been a blank canvas we were able to create our own wedding reception venue. We chose to Hire Big Chiefs Tipis and held the reception in 3 giant big hats.

In the days leading up to the wedding the tipi's were transformed with magical lighting from key Event Network which really lit up the venue at night.

Outside was all about DIY and the weekends up to the wedding were spent painting and sanding! We renovated some used pallets to make little tables and with the help of my brother in law we made a huge PUGHFEST sign and some quirky little direction signs which we scattered on the field. The wedding stationery was printed by Scott’s sister in law (EVA VINCENT DESIGN) who designed the table numbers and seating plan in order to suit the rest of the decor. Whilst Scott’s dad took charge and created amazing banners so the guests knew they had arrived at the correct field. It really was a family effort which did help to keep down some of the costs.

The day wouldn’t be complete without the props we provided entertaining sunglasses, and flower crowns for our guests to enjoy, we found as soon as the ceremony was over the basket was soon empty and as you looked around the guests were all getting involved in that festival fun. Scott had always wanted a six foot real life bear for the venue but unfortunately this was just not practical as it may have eaten our guests so after debates I gave in and as an alternative allowed him to have an 8ft cardboard cut out of a bear to prop up the bar.

The guest book itself was Scott’s fender guitar, I really wanted something I could keep forever and it looks great afterwards on its stand with all the guest’s messages.

The Film Maker

Our filmmaker was Kobevis who we had been recommended by our caterers, he shot the wedding from his drone in the sky and the video let us see in live action the moments as they each unfolded.

The Honeymoon

Following the most amazing weekend of my life, we jetted straight off on the Monday to Mykonos. After watching Shirley Valentine when I was younger it had always been a place I had wanted to visit. With its white sands and vibrant charm it truly was the place to continue what had been the most memorable time of our lives.

Memorable Moments

  • Setting up the day before with close friends and family

  • Arriving at the farm at 6am on the day and my sister having to try and get a horse back into its stable.

  • Getting ready and drinking bubbles with my girls and mum and mother in law in the morning it really was special and a morning to remember.

  • Driving down to the field in a tractor with my entourage and seeing Scott from afar waiting for me.

  • The amazing celebrant Justine who created a ceremony that was not only personal but funny entirely for us.

  • Walking in to find Scott had bought me a leather jacket and had got our very own S&H personalised on the back

  • The enormous impromptu football match of the north vs. midlands

  • The crazy dance floor moves.

Advice for other couples...

Do not be afraid to go against the unwritten rules! It’s your special day never forget that be yourself and Rock It!!

supplier appreciation

VenueAlcott Farm Wedding and Events

DressThe Dressing Rooms Bridal Halesowen

PhotographyOobaloos Photography

CakeButtercreams Cakes 

Tipi Big Chief Tipis

VideoKobe Visuals

Flowers & StylingTuckshop Flowers

Celebrant –  Justine Wykerd @ Just Celebrations

Lighting & SoundKey Event Network

Food & DrinkSavva Bars

MusicValley Road Acoustic Duo, Karlo Saxophonist, Brohemian

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